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Public Relations Specialist

Job Location


Published By

Forever Scholars

Type of Job


Published Date

December 28, 2021 at 10:00:00 PM

About the job

Forever Scholars is seeking a temporary public relations professional for a short-term project. The project is expected to start in late January 2022, is fully remote with a flexible schedule. Compensation will be $50 per hour with an estimated 10 hours of work. This position has the possibility for continuous work if the outcomes are exceptional.

The Project:
Forever Scholars is a year into operation, and we would like to begin reaching out to media outlets, blogs, and podcasts. We seek a public relations professional with media contacts who can promote our business by landing articles, interviews, podcast appearances, brand partnerships, and more. Our goal is to reach a broader audience through other outlets and build brand awareness.


Excellent writing skills 

Prior media contacts

Ability to work independently


  • This position is a contract position and does not come with a benefits package

About us

Forever Scholars is an online lifelong learning platform that brings university professors to the general public by offering live online courses. Our products range from free to premium and on-demand to live. We launched in early 2021 and have a rough reach of 68K.


Remote, United States

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