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Nov 10, 2022 - Nov 10, 2022

Europe’s Interwar Crises and Rise of the 3rd Reich


FREE LECTURE Thursday, November 10, 2022 6 p.m. ET Faculty: Professor Stephen Gross The First World War transformed the political landscape of Europe and left a bitter legacy for all involved. As the victors struggled to craft a viable postwar order through the League of Nations, the vanquished and the disaffected worked to overturn the outcome of the war. For many contemporaries it seemed like Europe stumbled from one existential crisis to another for much of the 1920s and 1930s, setting the stage for a conflict to come. This class explores how Europeans navigated the political landscape that came after the First World War. Specifically, it shows how the rise of new political ideologies like Fascism, new economic crisis like the Great Depression, and new international frameworks like the minority rights regime of the League created tensions that political radicals could exploit for gain. It concludes by explaining how Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, at the heart of Europe, and set the stage for future conflict to come.



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